Contract Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

Hendel LLC is one of the leaders in development and manufacturing of dietary supplements and conventional foods for health and beauty. The principal ideology of our business is primarily to put above all the interests of our partners and customers, to fulfil our obligations and to keep up with the high standards of a constantly developing market.

We believe that a successful and a longterm enterprise can only be built on the basis of reliable partnerships at all levels, from the product concept development to the finished product.

When it comes to Contract Manufacturing of dietary supplements and conventional foods, we can always rely on one of our best business partners — Global Health Care LLC who has mastered great industry expertise and established itself as a reliable partner with great potential.

  • What is Contract Manufacturing?
  • Advantages of Contract Manufacturing
  • The Services of Global Health Сare
  • The Products of Global Health Сare
  • What makes Global Health Сare stand out from other contract manufacturers?
  • 3 MORE reasons to do business with Global Health Сare

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Currently, Contract Manufacturing is considered the easiest way for a brand to manufacture their Private Label products. This is the most popular way for launching a new brand for small and medium sized businesses.

The reason behind that is the intensifying dietary supplement market competition. Based on statistics data, over the past 2 years, sales of global dietary supplement market have increased by almost 5% in monetary terms. And this trend persists along with a constantly growing number of dietary supplement brands.

Normally, it is extremely difficult for a brand to establish their own manufacturing facility. It requires substantial and even not cost-effective investments to start your own food processing and dietary supplements production, including purchasing extremely expensive machinery, renting or buying a venue, and employing and training of personnel. Which can bring the entire project to high risk levels of not succeeding, or even not launching at all. Whereas, Contract Manufacturing is a perfect option for launching a new brand, or a new line of dietary supplements: it’s fast, it’s profitable and it’s easy.

There are 2 types of contract manufacturers:

  • The ones who only produce product parts
  • The ones who offer turn-key solutions for their client’s projects

Working with product parts suppliers

When choosing to manage the production of your product by yourself, and sourcing several product parts suppliers, one has to take this important fact into account: there will be several companies simultaneously producing separate product parts. In case if just one supplier faces lead time delays, this inevitably leads to the entire supply chain, and therefore product launch date, delay. The product owner has to manage several productions at the same time, and make sure that nothing goes wrong all alone.

Furthermore, sourcing several separate product part suppliers will unavoidably lead to more transport, storage etc. expenses.

Working with a Contract Manufacturer, who provides a turn-key solution for your project

You will find several advantages of a full-cycle Contract Manufacturer:

  • It is enough to just list your wishes regarding the functions and features of a new product;
  • Product development, Samples production, Packaging design, as well as the preparation of all necessary Paperwork will be handled by a team of professional industry experts;
  • No need to neither control the fulfilment of other companies’ obligations or to manage the timing of each production phase;
  • All you need to do is to confirm the proposed product concept and wait until you receive the finished product.

Knowing that this will help their customers to achieve the best possible product solution, Global Health Care offers full cycle, turn-key solutions for dietary supplements and conventional foods.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing

When deciding to launch the production of their own dietary supplements, companies and small businesses usually have to face a number of difficulties:

  • Firstly, large financial investments are required for establishing a private production (including equipment, venues, raw materials, personnel etc.);
  • Secondly, one has to face bureaucratic difficulties with the paperwork filling and application for product registration and certification;
  • Thirdly, the company should expect vague or delayed product launch dates when handling the production alone.

Full cycle Contract Manufacturing, in contrast, has a number of obvious advantages:

1. This is an opportunity to focus on brand development and promotion

Time is priceless, and it needs to be managed properly. By handing over the process of development and manufacturing of the product to professionals, the client gets a significant advantage of more time to build the right marketing strategy and promote their brand. This is one of the most obvious benefits when working with a full cycle Contract Manufacturer.

2. Reducing production costs and expenditure management

When establishing your own private production for your product you will have to make sure the following tasks are fulfilled:

  • - Production venue is arranged
  • - The equipment is purchased and works properly
  • - The employed personnel is qualified
  • - Raw materials suppliers are trustworthy
  • - The formulations are unique and workable
  • - The packaging is of high quality etc.

Considerable resources must be invested to make this work. The risks are minimised when one finds a professional Contract Manufacturer. In case if the price starts to exceed the budget, you can simply change the contractor. In any case, Contract Manufacturing is a much more profitable option than trying to manage the production at your own company’s expense.

3. Quick Product launch

Contract Manufacturing is an option for those wishing to place their product on the market soon. Dietary supplement formulation development, production and registration can last a very long time if managed by the brand owner company. Sometimes, making a product from scratch lasts months, or even years. Any entrepreneur, who wishes to secure their reputation and quickly receive a high-quality product should apply for Contract Manufacturing.

4. Easier way out

When the product is launched quickly, it is easier for the product owner to assess its relevance. In case if the product does not get as much popularity among the consumers, the product owner has the opportunity to close this project avoiding big losses and eliminating the potential burden of unviable production facility.

The Services of Global Health Сare

Formulation development

Global Health Care possesses a vast number of original ready-made dietary supplement and conventional foods formulations in their portfolio, and is constantly developing the new ones as a part of their contract orders.

In general terms, the registration process includes the following steps:

  • Creation of product formula by qualified specialists and registration of this formula
  • Preparation of certified materials in accordance with the formula of the product
  • Document confirming that the components of the product can be consumed safely
  • Production of test samples; product certification testing
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Preparation of documents for registration authorities based on the tests that have been carried out
  • Passing of all stages of registration in state bodies
  • Obtaining the Certificate of State Registration of the product

Formula development

Hendel is happy to offer its partners ready-made formulas of dietary supplements or develop original formulas based on their requirements. Bespoke formulations are created by highly qualified medical experts.

Global Health Care uses natural raw materials for their products:

  • Herbal extracts;
  • Amino acids;
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fibers
  • Minor food components.

Global Health Care’s raw materials and product components suppliers are reliable and trustworthy. They always supply their products with all necessary paperwork, and quality, and safety certificates. After the raw materials and product components have been delivered to Global Health Care warehouses, they are stored at the Russian Federation and Customs Union Technical Regulation and international safety standards compliant facilities.

Always having raw materials and components in stock helps the company to be able to work on the new formulations development at any time, and also make quick changes in products, the production of which has already started, without the pre-estimated delivery date delay.

Packaging design development

Statistical data indicates that it only takes a consumer 5 seconds to visually assess if the product leaves a genuine impression, and if they want to buy it or not.

That is exactly the reason why packaging design has to be given as much attention as the product itself. Or rather, one shouldn’t distinguish between packaging design and a product, because, in the end, the impression the final product gives to a consumer is based on the combined effect of both the product and its packaging. Experienced designers and Product managers working at Global Health Care will offer their clients the best possible packaging option and several design concepts for the client to choose for themselves.

Only after the product design concept and the product sample is confirmed, the company launches mass production.

Product Registration and Certification

Extensive professional background of Global Health Care’s personnel allows them to not only manage typical cases of product registration, but, if the client requires, to handle difficult registration procedures and certification.

It is really difficult for a non-professional to register conventional foods or dietary supplements. That is why Global Health Care assigns this task to only highly experienced dietary supplements and conventional foods registration and certification specialists.

Normally, product registration divides into the following stages:

  • Formulation development
  • Raw materials procurement
  • Sample production and testing
  • Technical paperwork preparation
  • Registration documents preparation
  • State registration
  • Receiving state registration certificate

The customer is offered several options of packaging design. Once the design is approved, Hendel starts the production of the entire batch.

Mass Production

Global Health Care incorporates high-tech production facilities to be able to produce several product orders at a time. The factory’s monthly production capacity is:

  • 1 500 000 effervescent tablets tubes
  • 615 000 powder jars
  • 645 000 capsules boxes
  • 1 200 000 sachets

The company’s factory is equipped with the newest highest-technology machinery, which complies with international quality standards and is regularly under service maintenance. This allows the company to produce safety and quality standards compliant products.

The Products of Global Health Сare

Global Health Care produces dietary supplements and conventional foods from any of the trending categories:

  • Youth and Beauty
  • Weight-loss
  • Detox
  • Immunity
  • Sport nutrition
  • Sexual health
  • Memory enhancement
  • Vitality and Anti-stress

Global Health Care managers will be happy to assist their clients in helping to choose from the product categories and product forms in case of any doubts. Based on the recent statistics data, effervescent tablets, capsules and powders are the three most popular dietary supplement forms.

What makes Global Health Сare stand out from other contract manufacturers?

Full production cycle

Global Health Care offers a full production cycle, from concept creation to product mass production. The client only needs to briefly tell the managers what kind of product they want, and what product main features should be. After the initial product inquiry is answered, product creation process is launched. It is usually divided into several stages:

1. Product requirement specification. Product requirement specification is a list of the client’s requirements for their future product. It normally mentions the required dietary supplement product form, its function, active ingredients etc.

2. Formulation Development. After product requirement specification is made, Global Health Care specialists will start the formulation development based on proven scientific research tests, and using only the most equipped and advanced laboratories. In other cases, the company is ready to offer its ready-made formulations available for Private Label. These formulations can be further adjusted to fulfil client’s requirements by adding some additional ingredients.

3. Raw materials search. Raw materials should comply with all safety and efficiency requirements, and compared against other suppliers’ alternatives. The list of raw materials to be used in the product is always confirmed by the client before it is accepted for production.

4. Sample production and testing. As soon as the sample is ready, laboratory tests begin. This is compulsory for checking product stability and its safety compliance for further product registration and certification.

5. Packaging. Global Health Care offers product packaging design services as a part of a turn-key product solution package. Based on the clients requirements, the designers will offer several packaging design concept options. These concepts can be further adjusted to fully meet the client’s requirements and vision.

6. Contract. After the sample is confirmed, managers will offer the client to initiate contract signing process. The contract will include all production terms and parties’ liabilities.

7. Mass production. After the contract is signed, Global Health Care will start mass production immediately. Since Global Health Care’s clients include both large and small companies, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Contract Manufacturing is 5000 units.

8. Finished product registration and certification. Global Health Care prepares a full set of documents required for further product registration and forwards them to state registration bodies. The client only has to receive the certificates after they’re ready.

Professional Team

Global Health Care’s personnel includes numerous outstanding professionals: technologists, chemists, analysts, quality controllers, engineers, mechanics and many other employees with higher professional education and extensive experience in the industry; They are ready to quickly create and produce a unique product that meets all standards and norms.

Technologists will create a formulation for the future product and control the technological process of its production.

Upon the client’s wish, the team of designers will create product design concepts, based on the client’s specification and current industry trends. Before starting business with anyone, Global Health Care undertakes a scrutinised audit of every potential supplier. This helps to avoid bad quality packaging.

Chemical analysts will check the composition of the future product against safety regulations.

Chemical microbiologists, control each produced batch for microbiological purity on every stage: both at the raw materials delivery, during production, as well as after packaging.

Conventional foods and dietary supplements produced by Global Health Care comply with the requirements of Russian and International standards, and food safety is ensured by the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011.

Engineers will select and set up the necessary equipment that will be used to manufacture the product.

Quality controllers will check the final product against the standards compliance requirements.

Packers will pack and prepare the batch for shipment as soon as possible.

Complete Transparency

Global Health Care works with partners only in full transparency. This means that all processes, terms and quantities are listed in the contract, and the client can monitor production stages. This is possible thanks to the 24/7 video surveillance of the entire production process.

Raw Material Quality

Global Health Care only uses high-quality raw materials from reliable and trustworthy suppliers to create products for Contract Manufacturing orders. Furthermore, each raw material batch undergoes safety check when just entering the factory. The finished product is also subjected to a comprehensive check as part of established quality control procedures.

Materials and Product Storage

Clients of Global Health Care don’t have to store raw materials, containers, labels etc. throughout the project. All this is stored in Global Health Care’s warehouses. The warehouses are fully conditioned — they maintain the best temperature conditions to preserve product properties in accordance with regulatory standards.

3 MORE reasons to do business with Global Health Сare

Individual Approach

Global Health Care is ready to offer already existing formulations or to create a completely new product. Despite the fact that the company has ready-made solutions, their managers always try to fulfil the requirements and wishes of the client, and are ready to adjust the formulation and technological processes if needed.

Adhering to Deadlines

Adhering to deadlines is one of Global Health Care's key priorities. Dates allotted for each stage of production of the product are fixed in the contract.

International Experience

Contract manufactured products at Global Health Care are sold worldwide. The company cooperates with clients and suppliers from more than 80 countries, which allows it to regularly expand its supplier base and have extensive experience in the field of registration and product certification.