Hendel summer hot deal!

Since the 1st of June, a summer special offer has started for the most popular Hendel products: buy one box and get another one for free. Hurry, you have a unique opportunity to get two boxes of our best products for the price of one!

Our promotional products range includes:

1. Atlant Gel Lubricant gel for men

2. Bliss Hair Home System Anti-hairloss lotion

3. Princess mask Fresh face by Rachel Adams

4. Provocative Gel Intimate lubricant gel for women

5. Psorilax Calming cream for sensitive skin

More about our summer special offer here

Hendel announces a spring special offer

A new spring special offer is available from Hendel! While the offer lasts, purchase one box to receive another one for free.

Participating products:

1. Miracle Glow whitening mask

2. Princess mask fresh face by Rachel Adams face care mask

3. Provocative Gel intimate lubricant gel for women

4. Psorilax calming cream for sensitive skin

5. Bliss Hair Home System anti-hairloss lotion

6. Atlant Gel intimate lubricant gel for men.

More information available here: spring special offer

Winter special offer from Hendel

Hendel announces a "1+1" Winter special offer for a number of products. Purchase one box of any of these products until the end February 2018 to receive another box for free!

We expanded the range of participating products to include the following items:

1. Professional calories blocker PBC 20

2. Miracle Glow whitening mask

3. Princess mask fresh face by Rachel Adams face care mask

4. InnoGialuron anti-aging booster (serum)

5. Provocative Gel intimate lubricant gel for women

6. Maxilash eyelash & brow enhancing gel

7. Psorilax calming cream for sensitive skin

8. Bliss Hair Home System anti-hairloss lotion

9. Atlant Gel intimate lubricant gel for men.

More information on participating products is available here: special offer

Hendel, LLC is now on VKontakte!

We are glad to inform you that Hendel, LLC has opened its official page on VKontakte social media site.

It is intended for publishing up-to-date information and reviews of the products of the company. The visitors will also have an opportunity to ask us questions that interest them. Subscribe to to stay tuned for the latest news!

Hendel company new corporate style

As a result of the work on creating a new corporate style, the logo and visual design of communication materials of Hendel company changed.

A stable and sustainable development, growth in production and expansion of the product line caused the need to take a fresh look at the company's corporate style and revise its visual concept.

The new logo, created by the Hendel's creative team, is more concise and modern: it not only reflects the essence of the brand, but also preserves its relevance for many years.

The company's logo is made in two basic colors, green and gray, on a white background. The green color of the graphic part on the one hand emphasizes the main idea - production with the active use of natural components, and on the other hand, demonstrates the global nature of the company and its desire for constant growth and development. The gray color of the text on the logo indicates the organization's fundamental approach to doing business, it also means reliability and confidence in the collaborative future of the company and its partners. White is a universal color that unites all elements of the logo, symbolizing openness and readiness for fruitful cooperation, as well as the safety of our products.

Hendel company strives not only to keep up with the times, but also to be a step ahead, anticipating the expectations of its customers. Despite the change in corporate style, the company's key goals remain unchanged: production of high quality products, which have no analogues in their segment, as well as effective cooperation and reliable partnership.